Do You Hate Talking ToCoworkers?

Then meet Rage Filter! The AI that helps you chat like someone without anger issues.

Because nothing says "functional workplace" like suppressing your true self to fit a formulaic corporate image.

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Do coworkers frustrate you? Do you sometimes just wish you could say *whatever* you'd like to them, without getting fired?

...Only to end up holding back with pent-up rage that manifests itself as an aneurysm decades later?

Introducing Rage Filter, the AI assistant that'll turn your furious rants into well-crafted, professional discussions! With Rage Filter, you can finally let out all that pent-up anger and frustration, without fear of getting the boot from HR. All in 1 keyboard shortcut.

Say bye to your true personality and hello to an AI-filtered, politically correct version of you!



  • Rewords work messages to something more professional. It's like a spell checker for your emotions.
  • Made for people who have a hard time communicating gently (i.e. high-achieving, ambitious, Type-A personalities). Also good for those with poor English skills, as the AI rewords messages for proper grammar.
  • This was made as a joke project.


    If you've talked to people at work, you know what I mean.
  • For now, unless this takes off and server costs become too much to do this for free.
  • To protect your privacy, please avoid sending sensitive information to our web app or Chrome Extension for rephrasing. While we do not store your messages, our AI vendor (OpenAI) may. It's best to comply with privacy best practices and keep sensitive information out of any messages sent to us.

    TLDR: You can continue to have sensitive work conversations with our Chrome Extension turned on without any exposure (we don't listen to any conversations)--just don't explicity send us sensitive work messages to process/rephrase (i.e. Ctrl+Shift+E in our Chrome Extension with sensitive info) as that can expose your data to OpenAI.